Autism Fitness Certification

On-Demand - Autism Fitness Certification Level 1 - Academic Part 1 (AF-L1-OD)

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The Autism Fitness® blended learning model is a comprehensive instructor led virtual, on-demand with a hands-on practical learning experience. The course curriculum is divided into two distinct parts.
Part 1 - The Autism Fitness® academic lecture material will be delivered in 9 online lessons through our Learning Management System (LMS) and will be available to each student for review in a video replay
Part 2 - Practical/Hands On Learning Applications will be held in regional locations/host site around the globe. (see the regional map below)

In Level 1, you’ll develop a strong working knowledge of the concepts and strategies necessary to meet the fitness needs of the autism population. You will become fluent in the PAC Profile®, a validated, proven system for delivering optimal fitness and Adapted PE (APE) programs to the autism population.

Regardless of age or ability levels, through learning about and understanding the PAC Profile® method, you will leave the program confident, with a working knowledge of physical, adaptive, and cognitive abilities as they relate to exercise and movement. Additionally, you will know how to implement programs in nearly any environment; home, schools, gyms, therapy and recreational centers.

There is no other training like this in the world and a must if you’re planning or already are bringing fitness programs to those with autism. Eric Chessen’s Autism Fitness Certification is the culmination of Autism Fitness programming strategies tested, implemented, and refined for nearly 20 years.

  • Welcome to The Autism Fitness On-Demand Course
  • Introduce Yourself - Discussion
  • Introduce Yourself
  • Autism Fitness Certification Level I Course Materials
  • Autism Fitness Syllabus 2020
  • Autism Fitness Certification Level 1_GuideBook.pdf
  • Autism Fitness Toolbox Downloads
  • Autism Fitness Introduction to PAC Profile.pdf
  • How to Use the PAC Profile
  • PAC Profile Step-by-Step
  • PAC Profile Assessment
  • The Autism Fitness 15: Exercise Contingencies
  • Adaptive Functioning Contingencies
  • Cognitive Functioning Contingencies
  • Autism Fitness Toolbox
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  • Autism Fitness Toolbox Part 1
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  • Welcome to Autism Fitness Unit 1
  • Unit 1 - Day 1: Introduction to Course + Proactive and Reactive Aspects mp4
  • Unit 1 - Day 2: Common Challenges Related to Fitness for ASD
  • Operational Definitions
  • Autism Fitness for Families
  • Unit 1 Quiz
  • The PAC Profile® Method Unit 2
  • Unit 2 Day 1: The AF 15/Warm-up/Mobility.mp4
  • Unit 2 - PAC Profile -Quiz 1
  • Unit 2 Day 2: The AF 15/Dynamic Movement.mp4
  • Video Review: Alternating Push and Overhead Throws Video
  • Unit 2 - PAC Profile - Quiz 2
  • Unit 2 Day 3: The AF 15/ Strength/Stability/Strength Endurance.mp4
  • Unit 2- PAC Profile- Quiz 3
  • Gaining (Play)Ground for Young Individuals with Autism
  • Picking Up Heavy Things; Building Strength and Autism
  • Positive Behavior Support Unit 3
  • Unit 3 Day 1: PAC Profile Assessment, Adaptive and Cognitive Functioning.mp4
  • Unit 3 Quiz
  • Programming Unit 4
  • Unit 4 Day 1: Positive Behavior Support + Coaching and Cueing mp4
  • Progressing with Visual/Kinesthetic Prompts
  • Autism Fitness Concepts; Prompting
  • Unit 4 Day 1 Quiz
  • Unit 4 Day 2: Program Design for Individuals and Groups.mp4
  • When to Progress; Understanding Mastery Criteria
  • Unit 4 Day 2 Quiz
  • Putting it All Together Unit 5
  • Unit 5 Day 1: Biomechanics and Principles of Optimal Programming.mp4
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed